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AAMC’s Green Initiatives

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AAMC acknowledges that we – and all organisations – must take our environmental responsibilities seriously and provide sustainable solutions for future generations.

AAMC Training Group is demonstrating our commitment to the environment by supporting Carbon Neutral with a pledge to plant a tree for each student undertaking one of our certified face-to-face or correspondence courses.

Other internal initiatives include:

  • All our course manuals are printed on recycled paper
  • Offering the option of on-line courses to reduce paper usage
  • On-line and correspondence courses offered, reducing travel emissions
  • Our internal waste (plastics, paper, etc.) is segregated and sent for recycling
  • Using energy saving globes for our lighting
  • Switching lights off in unoccupied areas of the building
  • Collection and recycling of all empty toner cartridges
  • Regular discussions on environmental issues at all levels throughout the business to drive thought, leadership and enterprise-wise action plans.

One thought on “AAMC’s Green Initiatives

Alexsander August 24, 2015, 9:19 am

Great article! I spend about 30min-1hr per day on reaindg articles. I subscribe to various blogs and medical newsfeeds. It has really helped me. I take the MCAt in a few years, so I want to be as ready as I can.By the way, I found an error in the article. For some students, it was the sole reason the had to retake the exam. I think it should say they instead of the .

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