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A Letter To The Editor…

By: admin|

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In response to the abovementioned article(s) published in your recent Broker News Magazine (see above), I wish to defend the many reputable training organisations that are doing a fantastic job in supporting many areas of training throughout Australia. Ill informed articles and comments of this nature can certainly cause company/client confusion and irreparable damage to many reputable training companies that do not read your newsletter and hence cannot then defend themselves, when such unsupported comments are made by competing RTO’s.

Whilst I cannot give the exact delivery methods of our many reputable competitors I can and will support our training organisation for its processes and procedures in training of clients wishing to become Financial Advisers.

Firstly to support my article I would like to point out to you and your readers that AAMC Training Group has been in operation since 2001 and is highly regarded in the market place with a well founded proven track record over the many years across a very diverse broad industry range. All our trainers are in fact qualified industry experienced in the areas in which they deliver. Also I am personally a member of 7 professional organisations which includes holding the highest qualification of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and hence feel we have every right to refute such an article as the one published by Broker News. We have a fantastic team of BDM’s and support staff to back up the students who need assistance along the way.

AAMC Training Group offers a Diploma of Financial Planning Course by blended learning via 6 days face to face training, online and correspondence, with a time frame of 6 months for the students to complete their assessments and assignments. Students have the choice to attend the training as and when they choose over that 6 month period. For example, they can choose to undertake the first module then go away and complete the assessments and assignments. On completion they can then come back and undertake the next sections as and when required. Alternatively their aggregator/dealer group may require them to undertake the 6 days face to face training or combinations of them and then go away and complete their assessments and assignments. All students are tested on skills and knowledge. To also support the students with their completion and understanding of the subject matters, we have a very experienced team of trainers and mentors available to assist them if and as required. AAMC also allows any student to return to the next available course at no cost when that student is having any difficulty understanding or completing of the assessments or assignments.

To undertake the role of a Financial Adviser a qualified person must then apply to work under a Dealer Group that holds an ASIC approved licence. The dealer group then in turn is required to provide ongoing training for every adviser so that they receive product training and knowledge, monitoring and control to ensure the individual achieves the required 30 CPD training hours per year. The dealer licence holder also provides all necessary training to ensure the advisers are adequately skilled and educated to meet the many regulatory and soft skills training required. It is also a requirement to have a strong audit process in place to ensure that all advice and products issued are meeting the clients’ expectations and needs. There is also a very sound ASIC complaints system in place which has a solid process that allows issues to be resolved.

Given the current economic climate and the fact that Australia’s third largest export earner, education,  is now under threat due mainly to many adverse media releases including unnecessary attacks on overseas student articles and unfounded published comments these do very little to enhance the overall Australian Financial Services Industry’s reputation. Please also remember a training organisation’s role is to provide training that meets the required NTIS and regulators’ criteria. All education commences when a student is actually undertaking the role, as it is through this path that knowledge and experience increases, thereby lifting the professional standards of the individual but more importantly the industry. It is no different to being a Finance/Mortgage Broker or a scientist as it takes experience and education along the way to increase one’s skills and knowledge.

2 thoughts on “A Letter To The Editor…

supportive August 7, 2009, 7:36 am

Thank you AAMC for your support of the many hard working and compliant training organisations in Australia that have compliant,professional and successful training programes. It is a pity that some other training organisations are quick to pass poor judgement without a true undertsanding of all delievery methods supplied by many of us.AAMC has displayed sound business accumen for us all.

dohers September 9, 2009, 8:49 am

Will AAMC be looking at offering ex MFAA members the opportunity to take advantage of its highly regarded Cert IV course?

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