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Research Places Value on Advice

By: admin|

People who seek the advice of a financial planner save an additional $2,457 each year, compared to a similar individual who does not have a financial planner, according to KPMG Econtech research.

On the basis of this figure, KPMG Econtech calculated that if an extra 5 per cent of Australians were to receive financial advice, there would be a 0.5 per cent of gross domestic product gain in national savings by 2014/15, compared to the current situation.

Given the research information it clearly highlights that traditional avenues of gaining advice from friends,  relatives and barbeque conversations is certainly not a very cost-effective or reliable method. AAMC feels that once the Government and regulators are serious about ensuring all Australians seek the advice and guidance from a qualified professional then the unsatisfactory level of superannuation being held by many will be resolved. Many people do not realise that it’s not easy to live on a pension but due to Australia’s poor level of financial acumen amongst many the trend will continue. making fees for advice tax deductible, would also make the obtaining of advice more attractive.

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