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Do you really understand what RG146 requirements will be?

By: admin|

AAMC Managing director Jeff Mazzini, has stated that once Finance/Mortgage Brokers realise their roles and responsibilities for holding their own Credit licence that many will choose to become authorised representatives under an approved credit licence holder. Whilst some of the stand-alone writers who only have themselves to look after may choose to seek their own licence,  others who have others working under their licence will be totally responsible  for these people. Responsibilities will include all ongoing training requirements,maintaining quality, records and compliance standards. This will in turn place more costs back onto the licence holder and also reduce their opportunities to do what they do well and thats sell. Currently whilst WA licence holders are responsible to ensure that writers under their licence are supervised there are many new requirements that will be required under the new licence that are currently not required. An audited process will need to be implemented to ensure all the legislative requirements are met by all writers, which are currently not required.

Associations will also have a strong role to play under the new regulations as is also the current requirements for the professions already under ASIC’s supervision and control. Associations will prove a valuable source of guidance and support for their  members, whilst training providers will need to be able to assist with the many new requirements to assist finance brokers with their growth and development and ongoing diversity of their current and future business models. The only thing guaranteed in todays world is that constant change and diversity are not an option but a must to survive.

AAMC is well placed to assist the many Finance writers looking for assistance and guidance through this period of change.

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