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Increase National Productivity by upskilling the workforce

By: admin|

Australian businesses could greatly benefit from upskilling their workforce according to a recent study undertaken on several Australian businesses. Australians undertake study to enable themselves to get a job but very little money is invested on their ongoing education and constant upskilling. If this was undertaken it would then allow them to apply the qualification skills learnt, to increase their many life and sales skills.

More and more professions are now insisting that their members undertake continual professional development courses to increase and update their members skills and knowledge. Currently the Real Estate Industry requires 7 cpd points/hours per year, Finance Brokers are required to undertake 25 CPD points/hours per year and Financial Planners are required to undertake up to 30 cpd points a year. Whilst there are many that have resisted the move towards the regulated requirements ,many now realise the benefits both personal and from the increase in knowledge and increased cash flow that follows.

One question that I have asked many students who do not see the need to constantly update their skills and knowledge in this fast-moving world is, “if you where sick and had to visit a doctor who would you feel most comfortable with, one that had done his study 5 years ago and had undertaken no further training to update his/her skills? or one that had completed his/her studies 5 years ago and has maintained ongoing CPD on a yearly basis? There is no difference as to what profession we look at, if we are all not constantly updating our skills and knowledge then we will never every reach our full potential. Every dollar spent on constant upskilling increases your cash inflows at a lot faster rate and amounts spent on self-development are the best investment you could personally make.

AAMC has launched its AAMC Knowledge Library  to assist with many solutions for clients looking for upskilling, many  cpd courses and many new initiatives are to follow. To not undertake ongoing self-development will never see you reach your potential and as one client duly informed me a few years ago, “Jeff life is not a dress rehearsal you only get one go at it, so I suggest you make the most of the opportunities you have  right now.”


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