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Job vacancies in financial planning lead the job recovery in the financial services sector.

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Job advertisements for financial services were up by 4.32 per cent in December, according to the latest Olivier Job Index. Specifically, job advertisements in the financial planning sector led the increase with a 7.6 per cent boost in advertised job vacancies. The retail and mortgage banking sector reported an increase of 3 per cent, while insurance and superannuation jobs ads increased slightly by 3.1 per cent. Overall the Olivier Job Index gained slightly in December, rising 0.48 per cent, with job ads on the major Australian job sites now up just over 10 per cent from their lowest point in July 2009. 

This reinforces why AAMC Training Group is working with many new and existing groups in assisting them to diversify their business  models to enable them to gain more share of the clients wallets. It is said time and time again ,we live in a time poor society and clients like that they can go to one trusted adviser and tell them their information once and have their problems solved. Whilst stand-alone writers and groups have resisted the move to diversify their product offerings in the past, it’s now becoming more and more accepted in the Australian financial services market. All professionals that have previously enjoyed the freedom without increasing number of competitors are now realising it does not matter what business you think you are in, competitors are now offer many more services including the ones you are offering.

AAMC Training Managing director Jeff Mazzini, has also highlighted besides the push for change in Australia the ASIA region is also undergoing this demographic shift and AAMC is working with more and more strategic partners in the ASIA region to aid them to also grow and develope their service offerings and business models.

AAMC has designed many useful models to aid many new and existing clients along the transitional pathway.

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