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AAMC offers you solutions based training and consulting options. Many Banks, Finance Brokers, Financial Planners, Dealer Groups, Accountants, Real Estate Agents and Insurance Brokers entrust AAMC to train their people with courses available for the whole of the financial services industry. Our consulting services are also popular for those wanting advice on how to improve their business and meet the ever changing regulatory environment. Contact AAMC Training Group today to discuss your current and future needs.

Australia Under Pressure to comply with Global Financial Rules

By: admin|

Australia has agreed to the review of its Financial Regulation at a meeting held in Basel on March 10th 2010. Australia has volunteered to be amongst the first countries to submit to a review by the financial Stability Board, the Basel-based body given the tasked by the G20 group

Count Down for the Credit Licencing Process begins from 1/4/2010, are you ready?

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To help with the preparation of the new Credit Regime The following information has provided some information for your consideration:

1.       Registration and Licensing deadlines:

Registration: Financial Planners, Accountants and Finance Brokers who engage in credit activities will be required to be registered between 1 April 2010 until 30 June 2010.
Licensing: Financial

If proof exists education lifts productivity then why resistance to education

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Topical heading no doubt  but latest information from research carried out by Productivity Commission clearly highlights the fact that people who complete a post school  Certificate or a Diploma Level qualification, earns between 10% and 14% more than a person who is just satisfied with their year eleven education or

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