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If proof exists education lifts productivity then why resistance to education

By: admin|

Topical heading no doubt  but latest information from research carried out by Productivity Commission clearly highlights the fact that people who complete a post school  Certificate or a Diploma Level qualification, earns between 10% and 14% more than a person who is just satisfied with their year eleven education or less. Whilst a University level qualification can in fact increase earning potential by as much as 40%, so the big question is why are so many  struggling with the fact that they will be far better equiped and achieve a much more fulfilling life style if they just take that extra step and undertake further studies.

The Federal government has certainly done their home work and if we all bother to look to our closet neighbours to the north who have a highly educated population of skilled and talented people who many have university degrees, yet due to the limited employment opportunities in their countries are now looking offshore at areas such as Australia to secure the many unfilled roles that exist in our professional market. If you also care to understand that countries such as India are experiencing growth figures for the last quarter of around 16% and many other Asian countries are also doing the same and one of the driving factors is their highly skilled worked force.

The question I propose to you all then why in Australia is it a constant battle to get people to realise that ongoing education is a must and that waiting for a regulator to make it a requirement before study is undertaken, is placing some business into the lower productivity and earning capacity. Just imagine how much money the business models could make,the high staff morale and the strong professional image that individuals and companies could portray if ongoing education just became a part of every day life.

Time and time again I hear people say if I train my people then they will leave, well believe it or not there is plenty of research out in the market that clearly states that upskilling your work force actually is one of the main reasons people stay on and its ranks ahead of income. Also one of the greatest compliments in life is knowing that you have upskilled an employee who when they do leave is able to go on and make a success of their life. Its something to be proud of not to be fearful of.

Author Jeff Mazzini – MD- AAMC Training Group.

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