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How would your business handle 50% Increase in Professional Indemnity Cover?

By: admin|

“Financial Advisers face increases of up to 50% in their professional indemnity premiums and higher excess on top of lats year’s doubling in rates.” The premium rises follow a spike in the collapses of financial services companies.”

Okay so we have read these type of headlines for many years and we will continue to read them again and again until everyone realises there is no short cut to riches and to do the wrong thing gets you no where. Can you imagine a world where we had all advisors carrying out their fiduciary duty and the outcomes of that would be cheaper PI, trusted professionals, no matter what ever profession you are tied to and above all many happy clients which in turn would produce a better standard of living for all. The writer supports the regulators efforts to try to sledge-hammer the message through to the many that continue to think there is a quicker way to riches.

Business ethics and fair play is all anyone wants to achieve, to reach a peak with out principles is not worth the climb as the fall from the peak, is not worth the grief and shame.

Jeff Mazzini MD AAMC Training Group

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