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Fee for Service for Finance/Mortgage Brokers a real possibility

By: admin|

Given ASIC the regulator has now taken control of  credit and already controls investment products and advice, one would have to accept the fact that in time there will be a move towards a fee for service model. This will fall in line with the rollout of the fee for services models now happening in the Financial Planning and Advising areas.

The big question is will clients pay for the credit advice and the answer is yes they will all you have to do is to sell your unique selling proposition. Times are changing rather quickly in Australia and the one stop shop model talked about for many years has now become a reality. So when a clients enters your shop front doors you had better be prepared to offer them the full range of services or some one else will.

Real Estate investment property will also come under ASIC’s control in due course and then  all areas will be covered to protect the many Australians that have fallen victim to many scams,ill-informed business decisions or bad advice over the years. Many dealer groups and financial advisers are already offering direct property to their clients and   hence the traditional Real Estate Business model will also change in the not too distant future.

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