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MFAA( Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia) Member options

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MFAA has today released their new education requirements which need to be strictly adhered to by 01072012 and there is a stepped process to reach the defined targets as follows;

Experience                                         Qualifications Requirements                                   Compliance Requirements

Not yet writing loans                     Studying Diploma FS FMBM FNS50504             MFAA Initial Compliance Pack

Less than 2 years experience

Option available until 2012        Completed Cert IV FNS40804                                 MFAA Initial Compliance Pack

and studying or completed DFSFMBM              Supervision mentoring program

Greater than two years                 Completed Cert IV FBNs 40804

Experience                                     and studying or completed DFSFMBM FNS 50504     MFAA Initial Compliance Pack

Greater than two years                  Completed Diploma FSFMBM   FNS 50504                     MFAA Initial Compliance Pack

Greater Than 5 years                      Completed Diploma FSFMBM FNS50504                        Completed Certification Process

A lift in educational requirements is a must in todays professional environment in which we operate, given the other professions being for example financial planners, accountants and Real estate licensees, with whom we target. To expect the same level of respect from these valuable connections, the level of education by finance and mortgage  brokers must be at the  minimum Diploma level. Remember the Certificate IV in Financial Services Finance mortgage Broking does not really prepare you for the higher level of skills, knowledge and employability skills as the Diploma of Financial Services Finance Mortgage Broking Management does.

Whilst there are many that are saying slow down let us catchup up a bit given all the changes the industry has been going through with credit licensing and upskilling by increased qualifications, the pace of the global financial services market is changing daily and no one can just sit back and wait for the bus to stop. clients have become a lot smarter and they expect the best and safest advice they are entitled to receive and if an individual does not deliver they can find many more providers that will meet their requirements.

Do not leave the qualification update for too long given the Financial Services training package will be changing over the next three to four months and this may require you to complete more units of study than you can claim for now, so to delay is not advised.

Education increases income, productivity and knowledge.

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