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AAMC offers you solutions based training and consulting options. Many Banks, Finance Brokers, Financial Planners, Dealer Groups, Accountants, Real Estate Agents and Insurance Brokers entrust AAMC to train their people with courses available for the whole of the financial services industry. Our consulting services are also popular for those wanting advice on how to improve their business and meet the ever changing regulatory environment. Contact AAMC Training Group today to discuss your current and future needs.

AAMC Training Group and PIKI Indonesia sign strategic MOU

By: admin|

AAMC and Piki are working closely together to improve the lives of many Indonesians through education and are also looking at many other options to assist with the growth opportunitties for their highly skilled work force.

Many Indonesian people hold University qualifications obtained from many local and global universities and

Finance Brokers continue to worry about the Banks when fee for service arrives.

By: admin|

Until a broker really understands their business model and
the costs associated with their business model overall, then to set a value for
fee for service will be a difficult proposition. Once the broker places a value
on themselves then the selling proposition to the clients will be a simpler

Please also remember

Australian Teachers Failing Skill Tests

By: admin|

A recent survey has established that many vocational trainers lack basic educational skills, a report by the Productivity Commission into the Australia training system.

It has been established that up to 40% of trainers working in TAFE did not have the necessary educational qualifications required for training practitioners. Its was also

Increase in numbers of financial planner jobs adds in Australia

By: admin|

Latest data shows there has been a significant increase over the past three months in job adds for financial planners.
There has been and increasing trend in all states over the past year with respective states as follows;

* Western Australia job adds increased by 42 per cent
* South Australia job

AAMC adds file auditing service

By: admin|

Adam Smith | 2/05/2011 3:30:00 AM | 0 comments  Australian Broker

AAMC Training Group has launched an auditing service to help brokers navigate compliance and disclosure

The file checklist service will prepare brokers for an ASIC audit by reviewing client files and issuing a
report card for each file. AAMC general manager

Real Estate Agents short cut licence approvals- National Regulations a must

By: admin|

The time for National training standards for this industry is well and truly overdue so that every person
entering the Real Estate Industry is required to undertake the same level of studies and qualifications. Plus to protect the consumers of Australia when they are purchasing property or undertaking other property

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