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Increased Education in the Australian Credit Industry

By: admin|

Diploma of Financial Services Finance Mortgage Broking FNS10 course will have more units than the existing one and it in fact there are three more business units than we previously had. These have been added to bolster each industry participant’s skills and knowledge in these areas.

The issues training organisations face is that there are many finance brokers that feel their current and past experience should be
enough to enable them to continue to operate, when in fact many who undertake the current Diploma upgrade are also learning many new skills.

There are also many Finance Brokers that as we all know are extremely busy in their successful business models and hence time is an issue for them. Many are looking to complete the required studies in the quickest and easiest fashion and this is why training company’s are advising the easier pathways for competition is now, before the new course materials are released.

Also you would note from previous press releases the MFAA are attempting to align their requirement dates of the 1st July 2012
with the release of the new training packages in an effort to slow the release down, after feedback from their members. The FBAA and other credit associations have stated that they only require Finance Brokers to have the qualification level as stipulated by the regulator being ASIC and that level of qualification is Certificate Iv In Financial Services Finance mortgage Broking.

It is also important to remember that you can enrol for the existing training package up to the 20th November 2011 and have the mandatory 6 months to complete the studies if required. However AAMC strongly recommends that you undertake the studies as soon as possible as completion of these studies will assist you in building further skills and knowledge.

Being across 7 professional organisations, I feel the new training materials for the Certificate Iv and Diploma level courses will
certainly add a lot more value to the industry and the participants overall.

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