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Self Managed Super funds donations to charities and may be breaching release rules

By: admin|

Trustees of self managed super funds who donate to charitiesfrom their Self Managed Super funds may be breaching a condition of release and placing themselves in a position whereby they face a fine of up to $220,000 and or the fund be made non compliant and the fund’s assets

460,000 Self Managed Super Funds in Australia, yet so few qualified advisors, why?

By: admin|

There are on an average 1.8 trustees per self managed super funds in Australia which equates to 828,000 trustees and the number of self managed super funds is growing by the day as more and more people are seeking to control their own destiny with their investments rather than

Australian Sickies cost industry $30 Billion a year

By: admin|

Imagine what could be done with the $30 billion dollars lost in sickies and at this stage I would like to highlight there are genuine sickies and reasons for the sickies but as we know there are also many workers that feel its their right to take days off

National Competency Exams extended to start 2013

By: admin|

financial planners/advisors start date for the new national competency exams have now been extended to start 2013 which will see the requirement for all in the industry to have sat their examinations by 2016. The three-year transition window gives them to 2016.

The delay will mean that consumers will have

The more you suck on a lemon, the more bitter it becomes for all.

By: admin|

Given it’s a global economy now we have available 2 to 3 billion new low costs employees many highly educated in China, India, and Indonesia etc who have now entered the global workforce and this is placing
pressure of the high cost wages and low productivity being experienced in some

Common Sense Rules now Introduced to Real Estate Property Sales

By: admin|

A real estate scam that led to two Perth houses being sold without the owners’ knowledge has
prompted the state government to toughen house sale rules.

Earlier this year a couple living overseas returned to Perth to inspect their property in Ballajura
in the city’s east only to find it had been

Release of Paper for “Future of Financial Advice Commencing 1/07/2012”

By: admin|

Treasury released the second tranche of draft legislation on the FoFA reforms.
Signalling a welcome end to uncertainty for the financial planning profession, the draft rules feature:

the ban on commissions and other  volume-based payments to financial advisers,
the ban on soft-dollar benefits  to financial advisers,
the ban on volume-based    

Too time poor to use technology as a means to reduce costs

By: admin|

Australia actually suffers from many people who are adverse to using technology and the social media opportunities that reward the smart companies that use the medium to deliver the message, along with to seek feedback on their company’s performance. Online targeted advertising for example produces far greater return than

Employment skills need constant re-engineering for todays world.

By: admin|

An unemployed person stands just a 17% chance of finding a job in the U.S., down from 30% during the 1994-2000 era of healthy economic growth, say Arjun Jayadev of the University of Massachusetts and Michael Konczal of the Roosevelt Institute. In the current economic climate, “entering the labor force and

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