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Australian Sickies cost industry $30 Billion a year

By: admin|

Imagine what could be done with the $30 billion dollars lost in sickies and at this stage I would like to highlight there are genuine sickies and reasons for the sickies but as we know there are also many workers that feel its their right to take days off sick or not as they are entitled to 10 days a year for sickies.

Interestingly the number of average sickies in Australia if you bear in mind that they workers are allowed 10 a year, is now running at 9.4 days per worker and this is a vast improvement from 2009 figures of 9.9 days per every worker, does this mean fewer workers are getting sick or more people are concerned about their job prospects in these tough times. I wonder with amazement how the employees in the many countries actual survive without having this safety net around them and how many days are actually lost through the taking of sick days, feel it would be interesting data if anyone out there has any to share with us.

Interesting facts in Australia is that with the public servants unplanned reasons is 22.5% higher in the public sector compared to the private sector with the health care industry workers averaged 11.9days absent a year followed by banking,finance and insurance who took 11.4 days of unplanned leave.

Is there a way of solving this high level of sickness to try to get the level of productivity lifted to enable Australia to become more competitive in the global arena and if there is reason for high levels of sickness in these professions mentioned then what is the reasons behind the outcomes we are seeing. To understand is to become knowledgeable and to gain knowledge assists in solving the issues what ever they may be.



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