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AAMC offers you solutions based training and consulting options. Many Banks, Finance Brokers, Financial Planners, Dealer Groups, Accountants, Real Estate Agents and Insurance Brokers entrust AAMC to train their people with courses available for the whole of the financial services industry. Our consulting services are also popular for those wanting advice on how to improve their business and meet the ever changing regulatory environment. Contact AAMC Training Group today to discuss your current and future needs.

Self Managed Superannuation funds versus traditional lending

By: admin|

Everyone involved in the lending process should be aware also that the fastest growth area of lending is via clients self managed superannuation funds. In today’s age whereby Australians are now ranked number 2 behind the USA for suing when things go wrong, I would strongly advise that everyone

Are the Australian workforce and management ready to meet the new challenges that technology has presented us all.

By: admin|

Technology advancements are having a great effect on many Australian business’s and workers and there seems to be no solutions in place to assist with the restructure of the Australian workforce. This is very evident by the changes being experienced with the move to online shopping and reduced need

Moving to the cloud can save between 50% to 70% of costs but requires human change behaviours

By: admin|

One large bank with a workforce of 110,000 has moved its technology onto the google cloud platform which will see more and more make the move, to reduce costs and to meet the new worlds mobile workforce requirements.

To make it work effectively it will require The biggest challenge for firms switching to

Bullying in the work place- Australian Draft Code release

By: admin|

This new draft code recently released will need some work done on it to ensure that when an employer is merely trying to get a person to perform their required duties that it does not then give the employee concerned easy access to this proposed legislation.

I am totally agreeance that

New Skills required to be successful in 2012

By: admin|

Whilst it is important that everyone adapts to the every changing environment in which we now operate the main skills required to grow and prosper in 2012 have been identified as creative thinking, ability to cope with chaos and appreciation of diversity. One must admit that in the past

Is it Ethical Behaviour for Australian Politicians to “Bank Bash”

By: admin|

Having worked in a Bank for 35 years in my past life I feel I have the experience and knowledge to speak on this subject matter both from being an ex banker and also having spent the past 10 years carving out a business in the competitive Australian  and

Series of new laws roll out in Australia from 1st January 2012

By: admin|

For many of us getting over the hectic and event filled 2011, coupled  the christmas and new year break and are now starting to return to the workplace for the new and exciting journey of 2012 are also now faced with other matters that will need your attention along with the issues

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