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Series of new laws roll out in Australia from 1st January 2012

By: admin|

For many of us getting over the hectic and event filled 2011, coupled  the christmas and new year break and are now starting to return to the workplace for the new and exciting journey of 2012 are also now faced with other matters that will need your attention along with the issues of sales for survival.

The federal and state government has now rolled out some new regulations that may affect us all in some shape or form as follows;

* Occupational health and safety national legislation to replace individual state based laws came into effect with Northern Territory,ACT,NSW and Queensland having implemented the new national laws with other states to follow this year. This should see a one country, one legislation rule happening, hopefully. What directors and business owners need to understand the stiffer penalties that exist now via way of heavy fines and even jail terms can be given for lack of adoption and implementation of the requirements.

* Early childhood education requirement will be mandatory to have one child care worker for every 4 babies which in turn will see a rise in fees but the regulators are stating it will produce better outcomes for the children under child care.

* Coal mining industry workers will now get long service leave after 8 years of service for those working in the black coal mining industry.

* Cats and dogs from the UK,Sweden,Malta and Ireland rabies tests prior to entry into Australia

* Retailers are now required to present in writing the business details, relevant claims periods and procedures on all products they sell or face fines up to $50,000 per offence for corporate bodies and $10,000 for individuals. Consumers will be entitles to replacements, refunds for major failures and compensation for any other reasonable forseeable loss or damage. Online retailers are exempt at this stage and hence the Retail association is stating that it’s another cost impost on retailers who are not selling on-line.

* Income test for the 30% private health rebate has now been implemented

* Queensland has implemented a recreational diving and technical diving and snorking practices

* NSW Biodiesel mandate will rise to 5% in NSW

Sadly we are seeing states run their own races with no thought given to one country, one set of rules which will reduce costs for all business running either state based or national business models. Will Australia ever be a one country with same rules applying no matter what state you operate in. We have such a small population compared to many of our neighbours to the north, yet we are so splintered state to state, how or why would multinationals choose to operate in this over regulated and complicated state based systems.



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