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New Skills required to be successful in 2012

By: admin|

Whilst it is important that everyone adapts to the every changing environment in which we now operate the main skills required to grow and prosper in 2012 have been identified as creative thinking, ability to cope with chaos and appreciation of diversity. One must admit that in the past employers looked for leadership, management, sales skills but the time has now forced more important focus on developing new skills in the areas listed above.

Employees need to be able to think more creatively so they can also benefit from the environment in which they operate and there is a requirement for employers to also think more creatively. Letting go of the stuff that keeps everyone busy is a must now and each and every business owner must now work closely with their employees to discover what can be done with technology to free up the employees to being able to think more outside the square.

No employer can afford to have people just doing the stuff within the fast moving technology age we are currently placed. Australia’s productivity levels could be raised considerably if every employer and employee did a full job analysis on what exactly is everyone doing and seeking agreement to rid the “stuff” to technology land.

Implementing systems and processes is a must for every business owner and in the process of doing this you will see what does not need to be done anymore. Everyone being busy just will not cut the requirements to make a successful business anymore, it’s more about what is being done by each individual and do they really need to undertake those procedures.

Accountability, creative thinking, ability to cope with chaos and appreciation of diversity has never been more important than it is now, as its part of the survival process.

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