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Are the Australian workforce and management ready to meet the new challenges that technology has presented us all.

By: admin|

Technology advancements are having a great effect on many Australian business’s and workers and there seems to be no solutions in place to assist with the restructure of the Australian workforce. This is very evident by the changes being experienced with the move to online shopping and reduced need for employment of people, that job roles can now be replaced by use of technology.

We are now also seeing schools introduce IPads and no text books or work books allowed, as all the text books and note taking can be completed within the IPad. What does the future look like for the Australian’s that have either resisted or struggled with the adoption to the use of technology?

Another area that is fast approaching is the massive re-engineering of the education system in many countries and hence adoption of the Australian VET training system in various forms by many, will enable a low cost workforce that produces a higher level of productivity.

Addressing the issues above will go a long way to help Australia redefine who we are as a country, as to rely totally on mining and gas is not a smart thing to do given the large advancements of technology being used and being introduced in these areas as well.

So what are the solutions, we now have moved into a new environment that 5 year business plans are a thing of the past, yearly plans now need to be broken down into three monthly plans as technology and global reengineering advancements are now a daily occurrence and past management practices may not suite where we need to be.

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