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Why are there so many unemployable graduates and college leavers

By: admin|

There appears to be a common problem globally as most students that undertake studies via universities/colleges/high schools do not get the opportunities to actually apply their learning skills whilst undertaking the many years of study and it’s in many cases all theory they learn. Potential employers do not have the resources to allow these students to work in their business models as all are too busy trying to run the business and make profits to survive.

Students undertake temporary work whilst undertaking their university studies just to survive and mostly these types of rolls are in areas that have no relation to the actual career they are seeking to obtain the qualifications for. Examples maybe that many drive taxis yet they are studying to become say accountants and once they obtain their accounting  degree many are still not able to gain employment as they have no prior experience.

The issues actually lay within the delivery of the training and education and there needs to be a revolution of the current education systems globally. Currently we have lectures that stand in front of the students working through work books and reading materials on theory but students do not actually get the experience from the delivery on how to apply the knowledge. Many people teaching the subject matters have been doing so the same way for many years and many are not actively involved in the day to day workings of the subject matters/professions being taught.

Matters that need to be addressed;

  • Students at higher level of education can already read so why are they wasting their time sitting in a classroom listening to the trainer/lecturer read from or working through the learning materials.
  • Why are higher level of education institutions allowing lecturers /trainers to stand in front of the class and speak on subject matters that are changing daily, yet the lecturers/trainers may not have been practicing in the area for some time and hence really do not understand the subject matter, that relates to today’s requirements.
  • Are all trainers/lecturers required to update their professional skills and knowledge constantly on an annual basis and is this being audited  and by whom
  • Lecturer’s and Trainers roles have evolved but the profession has not, overall.
  • Does the weighting of the institution come ahead of the overall student’s outcomes whereby the lower ones are cut from the lists to maintain the overall rankings?
  • Lecturers /teachers roles have now evolved to require them to teach “how to” apply the learning’s from the materials, not to stand there reading from the materials that students can already read.
  •  Many high schools are not preparing their students to be job ready and this is a must as the students should be trained and prepared to enter the workforce if they cannot afford too or do not wish to go onto university.
  •  Some subjects being taught in many classrooms have no or little value outside the class rooms and subject matters covering life skills and how to enter the workforce with confidence and apply your new learning’s in your chosen field are what the secret of education is really all about.
  • Technology has caught many governments and countries sleeping as in today’s environment skilled workers now are required to only do what computers cannot do, yet we are still producing students with learning’s required for job roles and positions that either no longer exist or have changed considerably since the learning guides and materials have been written.
  • Many countries need to have learning materials upgraded to ensure each unit of competencies have assessment processes that measure skills and knowledge testing along with employability skills relevant to the subject matter.
  • Throwing money at a problem does not fix a situation and it’s a matter of understanding the issues and causes and fixing them.

Until there is a complete review of the whole delivery and learning process globally there will continue to be a very high unemployable workforce of graduates and students coming out of universities, colleges and high schools. Social unrest will continue as disenchanted students who have spent many years studying and having paid large sums of monies only to find there is no work available for them to undertake with their new found qualifications.

Today is nothing like yesterday and nor should our education system be either.

Please understand these are the thoughts of the writer and there is no doubt some institutions are making the required changes to meet the new worlds requirements but sadly there will also be many that are not.

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