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Trainers/Teachers/Assessors must maintain currency in Subject matters taught

By: admin|

In today’s world there are many looking for reasons as to why the level of the education is perhaps not to their expectations and or assisting the country with its growth and development?

One of the issues that does not get addressed or strong actions taken in regards to the actual trainers/teachers/assessors being required to maintain currency in the subject matters that they are teaching/assessing and whilst it may be talked about one would ask what measuring and monitoring processes are in place. The world has a shortage of great teachers,trainees and assessors and some command a high price for their service but how up to date are they, so they actually can teach or assess today’s needs and not what may in a book written over a year or so ago.

The world changes daily now, text books get released each year (hopefully at least) for school level and above but constant change requires now that teachers and assessors maintain currency as to teach what happened yesterday when today is different, does not produce the right results for the student and the country overall. One way this will be addressed in time is the removal of the old style paper manuals and then that way the online materials can be also updated regularly as things change but this without teacher/trainer/assessor currency will not produce the overall results.

In my business all trainers are required to obtain a minimum of 20 CPD hours per year in the subject maters being taught, otherwise I can no longer employ them as it is not fair on students to have a teacher training or assessor that is not up-to-date on the subject matters being taught.

So next time you enter a training/class/lecture room or enrol with a training provider ask the question, are your trainers required to meet ongoing education/currency in the said subject matters and is that monitored and controlled. If you get a silence or even a no then move onto another training provider, as maintaining currency in the subject matter is vital to any trainers or assessors roll.

3 thoughts on “Trainers/Teachers/Assessors must maintain currency in Subject matters taught

Chrissy MacJouvelet July 8, 2012, 6:57 am

Quite right Jeff,

All trainers and teachers should be at the cutting edge of both their disciplines.
Teaching and Speciality knowledge areas.

Chrissy MacJouvelet

Jeff Mazzini July 23, 2012, 1:14 am

Thank you Chrissy

Alex December 25, 2012, 11:41 pm

Hi Jeff remaining current as a VET trainer is not an option, it has always been a requirement for vocational trainers (under the old AQTF and now under the new NVR). I understand that compliance with currency and adherence to the principles of continuous improvement are being closely looked at by ASQA auditors. There are so many opportunities for professional development–most of these are free, so there is no excuse for non-compliance. It is refreshing to read this post. It is always encouraging to read posts of this nature, especially when they are sincere.

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