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AAMC offers you solutions based training and consulting options. Many Banks, Finance Brokers, Financial Planners, Dealer Groups, Accountants, Real Estate Agents and Insurance Brokers entrust AAMC to train their people with courses available for the whole of the financial services industry. Our consulting services are also popular for those wanting advice on how to improve their business and meet the ever changing regulatory environment. Contact AAMC Training Group today to discuss your current and future needs.

Industry Trainer sets up shop in India

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By                    Caroline Dann                    |                    30/07/2012 5:00:00 AM           MPA                  

Australian institutions with India-based operations can employ local staff with Australian training qualifications, under a new scheme.
The Australasian Academy of Mentoring and Coaching (AAMC) has launched the ‘Australian Vocational Education Training’ scheme in Chennai, India, with the purpose of making local staff

AAMC Training Group launches its operations into India after 4 years of hard work by many.

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AAMC Training Group launches into the Indian market with via a press conference followed up with a large presentation involving many high-profile speakers and dignitaries in India. 5 strategic partners have already signed MOU’s and now under Ravi Subraman, AAMC Head of India Operations, supervision and guidance the rollout

Enough already on the discussions around Cross Selling, conversations been raging for over 30 years old now

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How many more articles do we have to read on this subject matter, please remember it’s what the clients want and not what business owners want to do. How many business owners have actually surveyed their clients and asked them if the business supplied other products and services relative

Potential Risks associated with not getting involved in the SMSF process

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Let’s put of the facts into prospective here; 460,000 plus Self Managed Super Funds, average of 1.8 trustees which equates to 828,000 plus trustees, growing at the rate of approximately 20,000 plus funds a year, property being one of the fastest growing asset classes, besides cash. NCCP now requires

Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) Passes both houses of parliment. Implementation deadlines.

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Last month, the Government’s approach to improving the quality of advice, strengthening investor protection and promoting trust and confidence in the financial planning industry became legislation with the passing of the Corporations Amendment (Future of Financial Advice) Bill 2012 and the Corporations Amendment (Further Future of Financial Advice Measures)

Aussies and Kiwi’s finally taking much needed brave steps, to meet todays global environment

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The article blow is the first big brave step being taken to ensure that the two countries finally start to understand and forge a closer alliance, given that they are neighbours and each country has many individuals residing in each others countries.

Globalisation is now requiring many countries to start

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