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Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE) reporting AAMC India launch

By: admin|

AAMC Training Group is pleased to announce its opening in India after many years of hard work and persistence by many supportive staff and associates. Ravi Subraman has been appointed Head of India Operations for AAMC Training Group.

Given India requires 500 million people to be trained by 2022 and the urgent need to up-skill the youth of India, AAMC feels its well placed to support the growth and development of the education systems in India and to ensure that many previous students that have not been able to access education can do so.

The journey is also about engaging youth to ensure they can confidently leave the high school systems with employability skills to make them job ready.

AAMC Training is releasing advanced technology to ensure the 900 million plus users of mobile technology can access quality Australian accredited, non accredited and soft skills courses. This whole delivery process will be tightly monitored and controlled with audited processes and standards in place to ensure quality outcomes for all concerned.

It’s about sharing the secrets to effectively train and develop the Indian associates and employees to understand and maintain the current high quality Australian Education system into the India market, whilst at the same time working with their respective government regulators and relative associations and other professional bodies.


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