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One sure way to get a partial quick fix is having one country, one time zone.

By: admin|

Given Australia ranks poorly on the productivity rankings globally and one sure way to get a partial quick fix is having one country, one time zone.

The colonial years have long past and the new global business models and practices have emerged and whilst I am located in Western Australia along with many others I can vouch that it can be a lost cause doing business with so many time zones in one country. Stop and think about the lost productivity in many government and private sectors due, to the fact there is a disconnect between working hours and contact ability. Agree that it can be said why the need for change as we have always done it this way by having many time zones in the one country, then I leave you to answer your own statement, bearing in mind it’s about nationally working to resolve productivity issues with meaningful commitment and results. It’s also about not doing the same thing day after day hoping for a different result and trust me do not be surprised if you see a larger or larger countries with populations far greater than ours adopt this model as its will bring a quick fix to productivity and growth issues.

We have all heard the stories of fading curtains and  lawns, needing to run on the beach in the morning etc but the purpose of this blog is to create innovative thinking and yes commitment to lifting the opportunities for many Australians and for those wanting to make a difference in this new technology world.

What may seem to be an impossibility may eventually happen.

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