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Accountant’s exemptions have been extended- The accountants licensing exemption will be extended until 1st July 2016(previously 1 July 2014)-Why

By: admin|

This would allow accountants to continue to provide advice on establishing Self Managed Superannuation Funds but not the investments until this date without having an Australian Financial Services Licence. It will be sometime before a person can go to his accountant, who is regarded as the most trusted advisors to gain all the required information about investments, loans etc.

I struggle to understand why they are not wishing to educate themselves sooner so that all clients can receive a higher level of service than what they are receiving today. Starting next year when the tax returns are to be completed normally the domain of many accountants their will not be the requirement for more than one million PAYE Australians have to a tax return completed.

Surly  getting educated and working under an AFSL licence holder sooner than 2016 make sense for everyone, to continue to see this matter not brought to a conclusion will see many clients continue to struggle and perhaps end up talking to the wrong person about what to do with all their financial and business needs. Client come to thier accountant for holistic advice not to be told they cannot talk about certain areas.

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