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Outsourcing, Virual Offices, Virtual Employees has its benefits

By: admin|

The potential end outcomes that have been stated in  recent blog are that eventually a lot of the offshoring works returns back to the country of origin whilst the sales functions have remained offshore is  interesting.Sadly though the changing of human behaviours and pricing of workers in our own country are impediments to not having to think outsourcing. There will need to be a whole cultural shift of the “easy life style” the land of many holidays and sick days and a lift in productivity of our workers.

Let me say from an educational point of view it’s a struggle to get some Australians to place a true value on education with a completion rate of Vet training running at 53% and the level of a lot of the offshore workers is University qualified to fill the roles. Will we as a nation lower our sights to take on the many lower level roles that are off shored, that in it are another issue that needs to be addressed? Maybe the management training courses of today are outdated and maybe that may also be a good place to start.

“From a company’s point of view it’s better to lose 10% of the workforce than to lose the lot.”

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