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Understanding “Diwali Festival Celebration” in India.

By: admin|

Diwali Festival Celebration

Diwali is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India. It is
celebrated on the darkest night of the year, which usually falls sometime in
the beginning of November. Diwali, though, is the festival of lights.

All over India, homes are decorated with lights and earthenware lamps filled
with oil. These lamps are called diyas. The name ‘Diwali’ is from the Sanskrit
‘dipavali’, which means ‘row of lamps’. Diyas are lit in every house to banish
the dark and welcome in good luck and good fortune.

People wear new clothes, meet their friends and relatives, eat good food, give
each other sweets and gifts, decorate their houses with flowers and lights and
Rangoli patterns, and set off fireworks.

In the evening, many people hold a small prayer or puja in their homes. They
honor Ganesh, the god of wisdom and good luck, the one who removes all
obstacles from life; and they worship Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and
good fortune. Lights are left burning all night, so that Lakshmi may feel
welcome and enter.

Diwali is also the start of the New Year for many communities in India.

Diwali is a festival of joy, prosperity and good luck, and a celebration of the
victory of good over evil – which is expressed through different stories in
different parts of India.

Story behind the Diwali Festival

The most well known story behind Diwali is in the Ramayana, the great Hindu
epic. According to Ramayana, Rama, the prince of Ayodhya was ordered by his
father, King Dasharatha, to go away from his country and come back after living
in the forest for fourteen years. So Rama went on exile with his devoted wife
Sita and faithful brother, Lakshmana. When Ravana, the demon king of Lanka
abducted Sita and took her away to his island kingdom of Lanka, Rama fought
against and killed Ravana. He rescued Sita and returned to Ayodhya after
fourteen years. The people of Ayodhya were very happy to hear of their beloved
prince’s homecoming. To celebrate Rama’s return to Ayodhya, they lit up their
houses with earthen lamps (diyas), burst crackers and decorated the entire city
in the grandest manner.

One thought on “Understanding “Diwali Festival Celebration” in India.

sarvesh October 7, 2015, 5:39 am

Diwali is the biggest festival in India. It is festival of lights and all over India it is celebrated by decorating the homes with diyas and lighting. I like your article about why Indians celebrate Diwali festival. Thank you for your nice sharing.

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