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Finance Brokers Fly through Diploma Qualifications.

By: admin|

Friday, 21 December 2012

Jessica Darnbrough

While a number of brokers were   unhappy about having to complete the Diploma so soon after the legislation   was introduced, it seems the majority have welcomed the experience because of   the extra knowledge they have gained.

Speaking to The Adviser, AAMC Training Group’s Managing Director, Jeff Mazzini said a   majority of applications were of the highest quality which only ultimately   leads to faster responses from assessors.

“Our assessors have over 80 years’   experience and, according to them, some of the applications they have seen   over the last couple of months are brilliant,” he said.

“Because of the e-application online   process, the assessment tasks are made easier for our assessors as they do   not have to lick their fingers to turn pages. It is also much simpler if one   has to refer back to a previous comment or task. Our online assessment system   has simplified the role for the assessors and allows them to look more   closely at submissions. The response from our clients has been very   positive.”

Mr Mazzini said the quality of   applications was not only pleasing to see, but it reflected positively on the   industry as a whole.

“More brokers are becoming   increasingly aware of the need to up-skill in order to present a professional   image,” he said.

“The third party distribution channel   is definitely a professional industry, with which we are extremely proud to   be associated. The players left in the market know what they are doing, they   understand the state of play and are well positioned to give excellent   mortgage advice to their clients.

Whilst the majority of mortgage   brokers have managed to pass their Diploma with “flying colours”, Mr Mazzini   said there were a few brokers who struggled.

“A lot of brokers were working to the   2004 version, when there was really no compliance or transparency, but this   is no longer relevant, although some problems have arisen because of this.

“That said, on the whole, most   brokers have gone above and beyond what is required, which highlights their   passion for the industry.”

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