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Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia study deadline draws near.

By: admin|

The MFAA Board extended the membership Diploma deadline from 30 June 2012 until 31 January 2013. There will be no further extension of this deadline date. MFAA have been actively reminding members of our requirements and consequences of our qualifications stance. 

Recent communications with our members is as follows:

  • you need to send us a copy of your diploma course completion certificate. Your aggregator or the registered training organisation (RTO) with whom you completed the course, will not do so. Please email certificates to
  • if you have updated your CPD record with the diploma but haven’t actually sent us your diploma course completion certificate, you will need to do so. We need a scanned copy of your diploma certificate for your record. Members who complete a diploma with any RTO that is not a preferred vendor will need to complete an additional case study component.

Post 31 January 2013, MFAA will ensure our database has captured all Diploma completions correctly before sending a letter to those members who are “not compliant” advising them of their MFAA membership cancellation. These members will then have until 30 April 2013 to provide evidence of completion where their membership will be reinstated. Members not providing completion evidence by this date, and wanting to re-join MFAA, will need to reapply for MFAA membership.

In terms of those members who are “registered/enrolled but not yet complete” or “in progress” with you, these members will need to complete the Diploma ASAP. We have instructed these members to provide evidence of their enrolment/registration/in progress.

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