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Financial Advisors, Accountants and Real Estate Representatives Beware and Prepare

By: Jeff Mazzini|

Are you qualified to talk   credit issues with your clients and here are two examples that will see you   potentially breaking the law if you are not qualified to give credit advice.


Planners should include credit   in the Financial Plans, Accountants are constantly asked credit questions by   their clients and Real Estate Representatives are asked credit questions   also, so how do you retail your clients and grow your business whilst   operating within the regulations.



Providing advice about a   client’s financial arrangements, including their home loans The planner goes further to   suggest a particular home loan product themselves that the client should   switch to, we would consider this to be home loan credit assistance. In   addition, if they made a positive recommendation to the client that they   should stay with their product, we would consider this to be home loan credit   assistance.
Suggesting a client take   out a home loan with a particular lender




This would be home loan credit   assistance regardless of whether the Financial Advisor, Accountant or Real   Estate Representative earns a commission or not.



Contact AAMC training specialist today and Financial Planners will secure credits towards studies they have already completed within their existing qualification, plus experience. Do not let you clients go elsewhere for this advise as there is a strong possibility they will not come back. Visit  for direct enrolments or alternatively ring 0893444088 now to speak to an industry expert.

One thought on “Financial Advisors, Accountants and Real Estate Representatives Beware and Prepare

 Jeff Mazzini June 8, 2013, 3:36 am

Hello, just wanted to mention, I loved this post. It was practical. Keep on posting!

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