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Are University and TAFE/Private RTO’s education teaching models keeping pace with the technology world, requirements

There is a great debate happening at the moment on the issues associated with employing qualified accounting graduates who lack the work experience to undertake such roles and hence there are many unemployed graduates who will maybe never get the chance to fulfil their dreams in line with the studies they have undertaken. I have accordingly responded to the discussions and have attached below so we may also extract responses from readers of this blog who may not be associated or connected to the accounting professions Linked-In discussions.

This issue is not just common to accounting as one of the highest unemployed areas in many countries are university graduates. It is said that education never starts until one is actually getting the skills and knowledge whilst undertaking the actual role. Many taxi drivers across Australia have the required accounting qualifications but cannot secure work because they have no experience as very few employers will take on a qualified but inexperienced person. If you also have a look at the accounting business models across Australia most are small business practices with very few overall large practices and hence the small practices cannot take on qualified but untrained staff. There needs to be a rethink of the whole education process from many professions before its too late as many of the basic accounting processes are being either computerised and or sent offshore. Perhaps the roll of the accountant has already evolved but the education has not kept pace with the new changes.
Soft skill courses are available by the thousands and until people actually understand that the qualification on its own is not enough and that they need to undertake further skills training then what will change. Maybe incubation type education is the futurist model where a business processing offices are established in Australia to train and educate students whilst they undertake their studies.All education facilities and models needs to reshape for the global world and not get stuck in the old ways, otherwise smart people find cheaper and more cost effective solutions.

Maybe parents globally , yes globally as its a global problem need to also understand that sending their children straight to university may not always be the best solution, perhaps if the schooling systems globally were re designed to allow students to gain employability skills so they could enter the workforce before under taking University  of higher studies there would be different outcomes for everyone.

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