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Will ASIC also find this an issue in other regulated products streams as well

Source- Investor Daily- Staff Reporter.


An ASIC review of the 21st to 50th biggest AFS licensees has found the majority of licensees’ income comes from product issuers, which may give rise to conflicts of interest.

ASIC Report 362 Review of financial advice industry practice: Phase 2 found that the management of conflicts of interest

Economic View – From Keynes the revolutionary in his field of economics

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

Benn Steil
PBS Newshour
July 19, 2013

The most renowned and revolutionary economist of his age, and the first-ever of the now-common celebrity variety, John Maynard Keynes spent a remarkable and colorful life as a scholar, journalist, polemicist, speculator and diplomat dedicated to one great intellectual challenge above all: unraveling the mysteries

Australian companies operating offshore leaving themselves open to Risks of WHS.


A rise in business travel as companies seek new markets and lower production costs in ever more remote places is exposing both employees and employers to greater risks.

Away from familiar surroundings, employees may encounter precarious environments, presenting increased and unfamiliar threats to their health, safety and security. This heightens

Further proof that the advising industry needs an overhaul, as many are choosing to go alone

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

Women and under-30s eyeing SMSFs

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 | Staff Reporter

The demographics of the self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) sector are transforming rapidly, with under-30s responsible for almost half of the funds established since 2010.

According to the SMSF Active Management Report, produced by Macquarie Bank and commissioned by the

Australian Accountants and Financial Planners business models joining hands

| Tim Stewart

With ‘traditional’ referral arrangements no longer possible under FOFA, accounting practices are instead using a ‘joint venture’ referral model with financial planners.

In the past, accountants have received a cut of a commission or some other kind of “under the table” payment for a referral to a financial

Gratitude Ink – A must see reminder to us all

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

Basically humans all over the world have all the same needs and wants the only difference is the cultures and reglions so feel this short video clip is well worth looking at


Why You Need To Go International As Fast As Possible




A little over three years ago, a skyrocketing startup called Groupon was ready to enter the European market. There was just one problem: while Groupon had been building its American business, a trio of German

Taking the cheaper option of implementing your wills may not protect the innocent ones.

Whilst it can be acknowledged that many Australians  fail to ensure the safety and the protection of the innocent ones they leave behind because they do not have in place properly constructed wills, power of attorneys, enduring power of attorneys or testamentary trusts. Why is also that there is

Australian Financial Planners RG146 guidance leaves exam loophole

RG146 guidance leaves exam loophole

Written by Chris KennedyMonday, 08 July 2013

A newly released consultation paper upgrading the minimum financial planning qualifications appears to have left a loophole whereby a single three hour exam could supersede any upgraded training requirements.

On 24 June the Australian Securities and Investments Commissionreleased Consultation Paper

AAMC Training Launches APP and WAP Site to assist all our members using mobile technology

AAMC Training Group Launches APP and WAP site to meet our members buying habits and their need to access course materials 24/7 connected to the internet or not. The WAP system enables all delivery of materials via mobile devices and the APP also enables members download their course notes

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