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Taking the cheaper option of implementing your wills may not protect the innocent ones.

Whilst it can be acknowledged that many Australians  fail to ensure the safety and the protection of the innocent ones they leave behind because they do not have in place properly constructed wills, power of attorneys, enduring power of attorneys or testamentary trusts. Why is also that there is many Australians who self insure ( they refuse to take out insurance on themselves), that is because they think they are invincible and nothing will happen to them, so they are prepared to risk the lives and futures of the innocent ones they leave behind.
How many people go through the separation or divorce process only to find that they have not had new wills written or the beneficiary changed on their insurance policies or superannuations and this then leaves their estates open to challenge and hence the innocent ones also become victims of their actions.
Whilst the obtaining wills from the news agent may be a cheaper option bit what are the ramifications of seeking the cheaper options and hence the attached article I am sure you will find of great interest and hopefully is a call to action by many readers to ensure their innocent ones futures are protected when you are not longer here.


One thought on “Taking the cheaper option of implementing your wills may not protect the innocent ones.

 Jeff Mazzini
archie July 16, 2013, 7:15 pm

You have made some good points generally there. I seen the internet for your issue determined most individuals should go along with along with your website.

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