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Why do Advisors have to re-do their RG146 Qualifications

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

I recently read and article where it was stated that AFSL Licences where saying they have to do a lot more work now and some are getting their advisors to re-do their RG146 qualifications given ASIC has now passed the responsibility back to the licensees to ensure the advisors hold their required qualifications.

So lets look at the new process since ASIC has ceased to accredit the courses as submitted by the respective Registered Training Organisations given

Asic was the one that verified that the training provided by the Registered Training Organisations meet the required standards for ASIC, and in the meantime the RTO’s had to ensure they meet the required standards as required ASQA.

So there is now only one regulator that supervises the RTO contents of  the materials and hence the Licensee needs to as always only focus on ensuring the current or new Authorised Representative hold the required qualifications. Nothing has changed there and the RTO’s as stated are responsible to ensure their course materials along with their trainers and assessors maintain currency in the units and subject matters being taught.

Removal of ASIC from the process does not and should not cause any further issues or redoing of already completed courses and should any reader wish to discuss this matter further please contact the writer direct for clarifications etc and or place a response on this blog.

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