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Banks have it wrong competing on price

Traditionally Banks and non Banks have always competed on products and price, yet all clients have always wanted and its not just a recent development was a trusted educated advisor who they could go to for advice to meet their relevant needs. The products and services supplied by the banks are just add on to the solutions to meet the clients needs and not the main focus of the clients reasons for coming to the banks. Let me explain further if they are looking to invest in say property, have issues relevant to their business resolved, investments, insurances etc then their advisor should be skilled and educated to give the relevant advice to meet the clients actual needs. Selling of products or services can be done online these days but finding true professionals to meet their needs is more difficult. Banks should look at up-skilling their work force to become a true client advisor for life, its about building a position of trust between the clients and the Banker. Personal Advisors Bankers are ones that are highly skilled, highly educated, highly trusted and someone the clients always ring first when they need financial solutions solved. Many may be reading this and say thats impossible, well its not as its only impossible if you think it is.
Unless changes happen now, then do not be surprised if the number of required bankers continues to decline and more products and services being introduced from competitors not even operating in todays traditional supply chains but can enter the market quickly with cheaper distribution models and products. Globalisation combined with technology advancements, now allows global distribution of products and services and this has already started to happen. So change is not a maybe but a must.

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