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Sales Training Repetition, a must

Olympic athletes spend less than 1% of their time in competitive interaction with other athletes. The other 99% plus of their time is spent in repetitive actions, improvement exercises and psychological conditioning. Their training and conditioning regime time is hundreds of times longer than their actual competition time to deliver results.

They must practice to improve. Practice is repetitive and focussed on the end result – Continual improvement, success or a personal best.

In reaching for the pinnacle of success athletes embrace all three of the drivers of high achievers. These are:

Mind: Their mind is tuned to success and to expect excellence.

Body: Their body is trained, fed and exercised to reach peak performance at a particular point in time.

Spirit: Their coaches understand what motivates them. Even when they are at the limit of their physical endurance they can dig deep to extract that something extra to deliver extraordinary results.

This three pronged attack prepares them for excellence in competitive action for their chosen event. Without the practice, fine tuning of performance and technique athletes would not excel.

Is Not Achieving Sales Excellence A Similar Challenge?

Don’t effective sales people need the following attributes?

ü  A mind tuned to success for themselves and the organisation they represent

ü  Repetitive training for the daily event of sales engagement

ü  A spirit of innovation and endeavour

ü  A fit body and receptive mind

ü  A game plan and a strategy to win

Yet in recent years in the “sale of advice” profession, the technically adept, product oriented and compliant operater has usurped the place of the psychologically prepared sales person.

Many in management have thought just because someone was technically educated in all the facets of a financial service, concept or product they could sell it! That argument is in denial of the principal of getting better results using communications, interaction, sales and soft skills.

There remains the fact that successful sales people have a totally different psychological make-up than those who manage them. Management people have different outcomes from sales people. They are wired differently. They respond to different stimuli, rewards and challenges

Few management people have had any real sales experience, experienced the prospect engagement zone or suffered the effects of sales rejection.

Tragically this leads to the following negative effects on sales training, productivity performances and the ultimate profitability of their people and organisations.

  • Lack of understanding of the sales process
  • Denial that there is a problem
  • Ignorance of what make sales people tick and be motivated
  • Opposition to repetitive sales training

So often they believe repetitive sales training is an expense not an investment. Yet a small percentage increase in the effectiveness of sales personnel can have dramatically positive effects on your bottom line. That is why repetition in sales training is a sound investment

The modern sales process can be likened to the drop down menus of MSWord with some remarkable differences.

When someone sets out to create a document in MSWord they can simply type all the words out in lower case, without using any of the drop-down menus that can enhance the document. The effect is non-emotional, non-inspirational, and a logical record of thoughts with any attempt to stimulate thought.

This is similar to the sales process such as buying petrol or paying a phone bill. It is simple, repetitive and essential without any imagination or mental exertion. It just has to be done. There is no flair or panache to achieve the end result.

But if you are using MSWord for a specific direct mail campaign, new product description to a potential client or a resume for a promotion there are a whole range of interpretative, interactive tools you will want to utilise. These will be tremendously, distinctive tools like colour, shading, font size, bolding, italics, bullet points etc to enhance your production and offer.

Is this not similar to the sales process for an up-market commodity, an intangible concept or a sophisticated financial product or advice.

The difference here is that the expert sales professional knows intuitively which menu to drop down and use in the sales process instinctively and instantaneously. Is it empathy, building rapport, handling objections, closing, negotiating or just knowing when to back off?

The sales process to sell financial services, planning concepts and products is one that does involve flair, panache and emotion.

The analogy here is the sales person must not only know what is in the “sales” menus, but most know which one to apply, immediately, intuitively and effectively. There is no second chance to rewind or drop down a menu here!

Miss buying signals, don’t correctly handle resistance or objections or not know when or how to close are sudden death in the sales process. Knowing the technical information or how the features work does not necessarily guarantee success in the sales process.

That is why it is so critical to provide repetitive training to improve those soft, intuitive and engagement skills missing from technical and product training. They are distinct and different. Ignore those timeless skills at your own peril.

AAMC Training have a range of sales programs to suit most training requirements. Visit us at for more details. You can call us on 08 9344 4088 or drop a line to

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