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Degrees accepted in 17 countries

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

The world’s many skill shortages can be solved by countries working together to agree on standards which then will allow the global mobile work force to move freely across boarders using the qualifications they obtained in their own country. Hence, it is not that far away  that someone will be able to travel across the globe, from country to country, with their qualifications accepted. It will also solve the issues on global skill shortages, as long as the stands are maintained.

During my recent hospital stay, nursing courses in India and Philippines, to name a few, were being accepted as entry level in the profession mentioned in Australia. No doubt there will be more courses coming.

So the secret for us all is to clearly understand that Australia will have to collapse its borders for education qualifications and acknowledgements plus also recognise the foreign workers that will come to Australia to take up job roles where skills shortages exist. Shortages are mainly due to many Australians not wanting to undertake certain job roles or failing to maintain currency in their chosen professions. Standards will need to be put in place and monitored as they are already being done.

The Asean standards and the new Indian standards are basically a copy of the Australian VET standards, so its now incumbent  on all Australians to continue up-skilling themselves by undertaking further studies and clearly understand  that consequences of not doing so are now enormous.

The good old days and the talk of a lucky country are well and truly a thing of the past and everyone needs to urgently fly focus on the future.

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