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Tips for Generating Blockbuster B2B Marketing Content


By Elise Moores

Jaws made its cinematic debut in 1975, and with it, the summer blockbuster was born. To this day, it remains one of the most effective thrillers ever made. And for the countless moviegoers who packed the theatres and later watched this classic from the comfort of their homes, the ocean will never be quite the same.

In honor of the season, let’s take a cue from the mother of all summer blockbuster films. As B2B marketers, we strive to develop campaigns that, like Jaws, leave a deep impression on our target audiences. These four tips will help you deliver content that is blockbuster-worthy:

1. The Slow Reveal: “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” This line uttered by Amity Island police chief, Martin Brody, as he backed into Quinn’s cabin wide-eyed and shell-shocked after his first look at the monster shark is arguable one of the most memorable movie scenes of all time. Why? The answer is simple—the slow reveal. Throughout the majority of the movie, we see the shark only through her actions.

Effective B2B marketing content should do the same. Lead with the consequences of your target audience’s unaddressed challenges and effectively create a hunger for the prescribed solution. The impact of the star of your content—your product or service offering—will be all the more memorable when you’ve successfully presented it as the life saver to your audience’s challenges.

2. Content that’s Role-Driven: Yes, Jaws is a story about a man-eating shark, but it is also a story about a concerned father, an ambitious scientist, and a grizzled sea captain. These characters give the story life and a relatable quality that draws viewers in—makes them care.

Generate the same audience response with your B2B marketing campaigns through content that’s role-driven. Once you understand the challenges, goals, and motivations of your target audience, you can identify key roles and craft unique perspectives specific to each role.

3. Repackage and Reuse: Nearly 40 years after its theatrical debut, Jaws is still swimming and generating revenue through subsequent theatrical releases, TV rights, and numerous home video/DVD releases.

To get the biggest return on your blockbuster content, follow this example and repackage and reuse. Not only can you reach a larger audience through the distribution of your content through various channels, you can also satisfy the ways your prospects prefer to consume content by repurposing it into various different forms (e.g., video, blog post, infographic, email).

4. A Stellar Cast: Would Jaws have reached the same level of success without its flawless cast and director? Likely not.

When planning a B2B marketing campaign it is critical that you source the right talent to help you create and deliver high-value messaging and content that influences actions and produces the desired end results.



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