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40% of Graduates enter chosen profession

Startling figures to understand and it is clear what people undertake to enter their intended chosen careers to what they actually end up doing shows there needs to be a re think on what is actually in the courses being undertaken.

Educational Institutions must now ensure that there is more life skills, leadership and management units to enable the students to adapt to an area outside their completed studies as the digital age is now changing the skilled work force needs constantly. Too many students start a 2,3,4 or even 5 year course only to find that the job rolls are no longer there or different skills sets are required.

Perhaps gaining employability skills whilst in the high school system, gaining employment and then undertaking higher education qualifications makes more sense these days, especially if you are able to apply your studies directly into your current job role, otherwise you will then also suffer the same response from many employers such as “you have the education but you have no work experience in the areas studied. Starting in the working force sooner will also solve many skill shortages issues being experienced globally also.

This way you may also be able to pay your way through your education years and not end up with a very large debt to repay for many years after you have completed your studies. HEC or VET Fee Help will remain as a liability on your statement of positions until repaid, hence a complete re think needs to happen and change from what has been tradition or we will end up with a nation of people all owing the government large sums of money for many years to come and some will never ever repay the debts and then that also posses an issue for tax payers into the future as well.

Maybe going to university before entering the work force has now lost its shine and a complete rethink by students and their parents now needs to happen as we are now in the digital age and hence it requires a complete rethink of what we are all doing now.

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