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MFAA’s onboarding initiative for new members

​The MFAA has adopted a higher educational standard to ensure our designated ‘accredited finance brokers’ are recognised as industry leaders. ​

​An ‘accredited finance broker’ is required to demonstrate the requisite skills and knowledge by completing a Diploma of Finance/Mortgage Broking Management, as well as industry experience of more than 2 years.​

In establishing a clear pathway within the finance broking industry, the MFAA also supports;

‘Affiliate Finance Broker’ – trainees or student designation,

‘Finance Broker’ – Cert IV (Mortgage Broking),

‘Accredited Finance Broker’- Diploma (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management)​

The ‘finance broker’ designation provides an additional pathway for experienced professionals within the industry who also hold a Certificate IV (Mortgage Broking) and can demonstrate competency using our online ‘experienced broker onboarding evaluation’. The onboarding evaluation measures an applicant’s ability to correctly structure a client’s loan. Successful candidates then need to complete their Diploma (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management) within their initial 12 months before achieving the ‘accredited finance broker’ designation.

Our onboarding evaluation is used to recognise the varying degree of financial services experience. Applicants with mortgage lending, mortgage broking, finance broking or commercial broking backgrounds, who also hold a Certificate IV (Mortgage Broking) are now able to demonstrate their competency without changing our commitment to higher educational standards.

MFAA recognise the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) ‘standards for registered training organisations (RTOs) 2015’. These standards came into effect 1 April 2015 and an element of these standards outlines the ‘Australian Qualifications Framework Volume of Learning Indicators’ – essentially a guide to the volume of learning required for a learner to develop all the required skills and knowledge to obtain a qualification. For Cert IV and Diploma this guide suggested a 6-24 month period.

Our new onboarding evaluation is available to new members, holding a Cert IV in Mortgage Broking, with greater than 2 years’ experience in mortgage lending, mortgage broking, finance broking or commercial broking.

Applicants can access our onboarding evaluation which incorporates questions based upon a series of case studies. It assesses your ability to apply knowledge of investment opportunities, risk, company policies and relevant legislation so clients can make informed decisions. The online assessment also assesses an applicant’s ability to identify and maintain current knowledge of financial products and services as well as knowledge and application of relevant legislation.

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