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Best-Educated Country

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Best-Educated Country « burningpants.

MFAA 30th April 2013 study deadline, TAE 1st July 2013 or Advising in Credit

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Have you completed your study requirements to meet the MFAA 30th April deadlines,

are you a trainer or assessor and if so you need  to hold TAE Training and Assessing qualifications by 1st July 2013


are you advising in credit when not qualified to so unless you have the Certificate IV in

Financial Advisors, Accountants and Real Estate Representatives Beware and Prepare

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Are you qualified to talk   credit issues with your clients and here are two examples that will see you   potentially breaking the law if you are not qualified to give credit advice.


Planners should include credit   in the Financial Plans, Accountants are constantly asked credit questions by

Offshore BPO services are their teams complaint to Australian Laws, where required

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Foreign qualifications

RG 206.86

Generally, we will accept foreign qualifications relevant to the products and activities the credit representative is engaged with. An exception to this

REGULATORY GUIDE 206: Credit licensing: Competence and training © Australian Securities and Investments Commission February 2013 Page26

is credit representatives with foreign qualifications who would

Banks globaly have a corporate social responsibility to ensure their staff are qualified and educated

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I recently responded to a LinkedIn blog relating to the strong growth of the Private Bankers in Asia, to meet the growth of the wealth in middle and upper level of clients, and I used the word “Smart Banker”. I was questioned on what I actually meant by that