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If its to be, its up to me

By: Jeff Mazzini|


                                                            Teachers open the door but you must enter by yourself

Chinese proverb

The Future of Education: 10 Trends To Watch

Sramana Mitra
Founder, One Million by One Million

It is that time of the year when we tend to pause and reflect. What did we achieve last year? What are the highlights of culture, business, technology, and trends that we have observed around us?

For me, the most exciting and positive movement

Online courses much cheaper than MBA programs

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

Tim Dodd –
MOOC students have the flexibility to study whenever they have available time. Photo: Reuters
Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, cost 100 times less than traditional education according to a new report from the prestigious Wharton School, one of America’s top-ranked business schools.

The report, Will Video Kill the

ASIC’s concerns with Accountants

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

Miranda Brownlee

While the implementation of the limited AFSL regime for accountants is still in its early stages, ASIC has discovered a number of “concerning” trends emerging from the application process.

Speaking at a CPA Australia conference in Sydney, ASIC Commissioner Greg Tanzer said one of these trends was “inadequate or

India to head BRIC’S $100 Billion Development Bank

Fortaleza, Brazil:: Leaders of the BRICS emerging market nations launched a $100 billion development bank and a currency reserve pool on Tuesday in their first concrete step toward reshaping the Western-dominated international financial system.

The bank, aimed at funding infrastructure projects in developing nations, will be based in Shanghai, China,

Banks must commit to radical change


by Angela Faherty | Jul 15, 2014

The future of banking may not lie in the traditional bricks-and-mortar model with which we are all familiar, according to a new report from PwC New Zealand.

The report, entitled The Future Shape of Banking, says that as barriers to entry for non-banks to

Incentives to tackle corruption

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

Annabel Hepworth

National Business Correspondent

THE government’s B20 advisory forum has ramped up its agenda on how the world’s 20 biggest economies can fight corruption and is pushing plans that could see companies get incentives for anti-corruption compliance when they bid for major projects.

The Australian can reveal that the B20’s anti-corruption

Fear of rejection, stops success

The answer is YES, provided you and your people have been effectively and sensibly trained with practical material. This means mastering jurisdictions such as: pre-call disciplines, creating and practising effective contact scripts, employing simple phone etiquette, knowing how to handle objections pre-emptively and knowing the required outcomes before you

Surviving Digital Disruption

Source “Company Directors ”
Boards need to ask “cut through” questions of management to punch through any complacency and hold it to account on digital strategy.

That is the advice from Damien Tampling, head of digital strategy, transformation and investments at Deloitte, in the wake of the release of a new

Is Australia heading in the same direction

Australian state governments and the federal governments have now increased TAFE fees by up to three times in some cases and reduced funding but on the other hand, introduced VET Fee Help (loans to students). We are seeing many suppliers raising their course fees from what their normal fee

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