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Taking AAMC Training’s vision in Singapore

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

Taking AAMC Training’s vision in India

Jeff Mazzini, AAMC Training’s Managing Director, meeting with Hon Narenda Modi, Chief Minister Gujarat State.

Why do Advisors have to re-do their RG146 Qualifications

By: Jeff Mazzini| Tags:

I recently read and article where it was stated that AFSL Licences where saying they have to do a lot more work now and some are getting their advisors to re-do their RG146 qualifications given ASIC has now passed the responsibility back to the licensees to ensure the advisors

Top four tips for effectively hiring and managing outsourced workers

Global ageing population and constant release of  new technology require the ability for many companies to seek the new skills on the  global stage and hence outsourcing is a vital solution to meeting this need. It has been said that outsourcing is just another step until a technology solution

Mortgage Payments are the last thing many people pay when stretched for finances

Interesting article in deed as it appears people will pay for the fashion accessors before they worry about the roof over their head. It can also be maybe for the fact that many people know the Banks take longer to take action for none payment of the mortgages whereby

The world will be our playground!

6. September 2013 21:54 by Team Eternal Mewar in Eternal Mewar


It’s unstoppable! The school’s drive to take Mewar’s budding youth of tomorrow on a global platform is taking them places. Or should we say, it’s bringing the world to them.

Not too long back, Mr. Jeff Mazzini, Managing Director of Australasian Academy of

We shouldn’t dream about becoming something but doing something

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was recently asked by a  class10 boy asked if he would return soon to address the students as Prime Minister and he responded ” We shouldn’t dream about becoming something but doing something”. How many leaders today would be able to respond to such a question in such

RG 148 – Advisers forced to justify platform selection

By Tim Stewart-

Financial advisers have a new obligation to justify the use of a particular platform to their clients – and it is tucked away in an ASIC regulatory guide aimed at platform providers.

Regulatory Guide 148: Platforms that are managed investment schemes was released in June, and contains a section on

Do Service Recruitment Job Descriptions Matter

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)Post your comment

Guest Post by Tom Moran
Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

When you think of a great customer experience, why do LL Bean and USAA immediately spring to mind?  What makes JetBlue so much better than United?  Why is Apple such a customer satisfaction darling?  What explains the

Six tips to embracing self-service for customer satisfaction

by Michael Hansen-

Customer self-service, while not new, is growing in popularity. And for start-ups, self-service is more important than ever as consumers increasingly expect – and often prefer – to find their own answers to support questions.

We did some of our own research recently, which found that four times

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